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VisiMeet System Recommendations

  • Desktop: Windows 7+, Mac OS X 10.7+, or any recent Linux distribution
  • Mobile: Android 2.3+, iOS 5+
  • High-speed Internet connection
  • One or more USB, PTZ, or built-in cameras up to HD resolutions
  • High quality audio device *

* Audio device selection greatly affects the quality of the audio. Built-in microphone and speakers can be used, but a headset or audio conferencing speakerphone is recommended for the best experience.

New features

Scheduled Meeting Link

guest mode

When scheduling a meeting the meeting creator can email the meeting information to all attendees, now the emailed information contains a link that when clicked directs attendees to a website where they can opt to launch the VisiMeet application and enter the meeting with a single click or join the meeting using VisiWeb. Both options streamline the meeting join experience.

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Slow Video (FPS)

guest mode

Hosting a large meeting with several video streams? Slow down some of the non-essential videos, those not speaking or presenting, and keep the essentials in full speed.

With Voice FPS the video of the last speaker will run in full speed while other video windows slow down, this alleviates any network or CPU strain some experience when part of large meetings. The slower videos can still be seen but at a slight delay while the focus stays on the speaker.

Selective FPS acts in the same way as Voice FPS but the moderator can designate whose video remains at full speed by right clicking their video and selecting “selective” and choose a number. Applying a number to a window keeps it at full speed while all others slow down.

Meeting creators and moderators can find this feature while in a meeting under the exit sign. When an option is selected it is applied to all meeting attendees.

Ideal for virtual classroom settings where many students join but the focus should be on the professor or presenter.

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Guest Mode

guest mode

Introducing Guest Mode, a new way to connect with clients, co-workers, etc. We understand that not everyone has a VisiMeet account, even if we think they should, so we've developed a way to meet with non-users without the need to create an account or install the software:

  • A VisiMeet user provides a non-user with a link to join a meeting, when they click this link they have the option to join the meeting via web browser (Chrome or Firefox) without creating an account
  • Guest will only provide a name to be identified by
  • Guest will not need to complete any forms or download any software

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Video Layout Options (UPDATED)

VisiMeet layout options now includes the option to make layouts Voice Actived. Using the Voice Actived option updates the videos to refelect who is currently speaking.

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guest mode

The Whiteboard can be used by all attendees simultaneously to draw, add text, etc. Use it to illustrate a point or diagram an idea!

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More New Features

  • Communities are now managed by right clicking the Community name
  • When emailing scheduled meeting information, meeting creators have the option to Copy or Email so users without a default client can easily copy the information and share it where they choose. The email option opens a new email using the defaul email client.
  • Scheduled meeting duration can now be set for 30 minutes
  • Improved design

Tips & Tricks

Login Error

If you are attempting to log into VisiMeet but receiving an error check that you have the correct server name entered.

The server field is located below the password field and should read "" this can be changed by clicking the field and typing the server name.

If the server is correct, try reseting your password.


Echo is a very disruptive problem in videoconferences and is caused by the audio from one location being sent back into the meeting by another.

Limit echo during a meeting by selecting "Fix Audio" under the Help tab or a meeting moderator can correct another user's audio using the moderator tool.

Change Display Name

You can easily change your display name by clicking your name & editing the text in the field that appears.

Hide Offline Users

Simplify your Contact List by hiding all offline users. Do this by right clicking the header titled "Contacts" or "Communities" on the Contact List.

Meeting Restrictions

Meeting restrictions can be applied to attendees by scheduling a meeting & selecting restrictions under the options tab on the scheduler. Moderators are excluded from the restrictions.


VisiMeet Communities are a great way to ensure all members of a department or class have presence with one another and can easily collaborate.

Permanent Rooms

Permanent meeting rooms can be created and assigned to a community. The meeting number will never change and will be available at any time. Contact Support to create a room.


Unique Signup Link

A unique signup link can be created that automatically adds users who signup through the link to a community &/or subscription account manager.


Room Request Form

Virtual rooms are tied to a community and any community member can enter it. A Virtual Room is a permanent version of a meeting that is always available and the settings never change. If you or your group is interested in a permanent meeting room please complete this form. The form will be sent to IOCOM Support and once completed someone from the Support team will contact you.Learn More


Unique Signup Link


Referral links are unique links that direct an individual to the IOCOM VisiMeet signup page enabling them to create a VisiMeet account. Referral links can be used for two purposes.

1. IOCOM can use the referral link to track the source of signups; this assists IOCOM in identifying if a user is linked to a larger group and better answer any questions they may have. The referral link can be posted on a website, emailed, etc. This helps track the sources of signups or identifies the individual or group users signed up through.


2. Use the referral link to direct potential users where to sign up and automatically add them to a Subscriptions Account and/or community. Identify a specific subscriptions account and/or community that you would like anyone who uses the link to be part of. This eliminates the need to add them to a subscriptions account and/or community in the future.

Referral links are ideal when you plan to invite a large number of users to join VisiMeet and intend to place them in a community. By using the link you accomplish two steps with one; users create an account and are placed in a community. This helps ensure all individuals are in the community and have presence with one another.

The signup process is exactly the same as if they went directly through the IOCOM homepage, the only difference being they must use a specific link.

The link cannot be used for active VisiMeet accounts.


Contact Information

We aim to provide a one hour e-mail response time to all tickets during business hours.




For janet Vscene support contact or by phone 0131 650 4933