Janet Connected Video Conferencing Services

VisiMeet, a subscription based software application, has been developed by IOCOM to provide video collaboration services. IOCOM has partnered with Janet to provide a connected collaboration service to educators and researchers in the UK at a discounted rate and hosted on a private server. From VisiMeet we have developed VisiWeb and VisiMobile, a web browser tool and a mobile application. VisiMeet services do not have specific hardware requirements enabling users to continue using existing devices, built in devices, or devices that fit their budget and needs. 


All IOCOM services are based on the VisiMeet software; VisiMeet is video collaboration software that can be installed on any desktop or laptop, Mac, Windows, or Linux. Our software goes beyond video conferencing, instead it encourages collaboration through data share capabilities; independent video windows that can be resized and rearranged to accommodate screen size; and an unlimited number of participants and incoming videos without hardware restrictions.

As a Janet connected service, users are able to enjoy the immense tools and opportunities VisiMeet provides at a lower cost and on the Janet network. This offer provides improved performance and is designed for researchers and educators.

Using the computer as a platform provides the flexibility to use commercial, off-the-shelf hardware to create a meeting space with the video, audio, and data input points needed at a low cost. This provides a very scalable solution that is also easy to use with a common interface for all users. IOCOM offers the most reliable and cost effective method for delivering highly available video collaboration to students, educators, and researchers.


VisiMobile offers many of VisiMeet’s unique and powerful features but is adapted for iOS and Android devices. VisiMobile is free to download and keeps everyone connected no matter the location, ensuring everyone can collaborate smoothly without barriers. Find it in the App and Play stores today!

VisiMobile Android App   VisiMobile iOS app


VisiWeb is the latest addition to the IOCOM family and has already proven to be an asset to the toolbox many VisiUsers employ. Our web browser conferencing service incorporates many of VisiMeet’s tools and features but without the need to install the software, ideal for systems with restricted access. VisiWeb runs in a web browser using the same log in credentials as VisiMeet. This version is convenient, feature rich, and provides an exceptional audio and video experience to users who cannot install the VisiMeet software.


Unlimited Videos

Paid subscriptions can experience limitless video, VisiMeet will not restrict the number of videos received


No Required Hardware

Use the audio & video devices of your choice, whether built-in or purchased from your favorite retailer so you choose the cost


Independent Windows 

All windows can be resized, closed, and rearranged to accommodate your needs and screen size


Multiple Data Share Options

  • Share desktop(s) or a specific application window with other attendees
  • Desktops or application windows may be instantly shared as a video stream or as a snapshot
  • Share multiple items simultaneously

Record Meetings

  • Record all audio, video, and data share
  • Share recordings with other users
  • Save recordings to cloud or to system (beta)

Contact List

  • Add users to a contact list so you
  • Instant message & invite to an instant video conference
  • Create communities of users who work in the same company, department, or program



Android & iOS

Free to download in the Google Play store and App Store


Data Share on the Go

Similar to the VisiMeet Mac and Windows versions, the Android and iOS apps can participate in desktop and application share. Send and receive data to and from all participants.


Choose the Camera View

Share the front-facing camera or rear-facing camera and choose which participant's video you see, you're in control


Contact List

Access your Contact list even when on the go!



Feature Rich

Many of the same features found in VisiMeet & VisiMobile are available on VisiWeb, including: Recorder, Dialer, & File Transfer

Hosted in Chrome

No installation required, Visiweb is hosted in your browser, ideal for restricted systems

Multiple Video Streams

Receive multiple video streams simultaneously so you can see everyone









Meeting Size Limit 2 8 99 99
Camera/Video Inputs 1 1 1 4
Camera Control  
Audio Quality


Standard/Wideband Standard/Wideband Standard/Wideband
Video Windows Enabled 1 Upstream/1 Downstream Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Video Transmit Quality H264 Small (QCIF), Medium (CIF) +H264 Large (VGA), HD +H264 Large (VGA), HD +H264 Large (VGA), HD
Live Data Sharing
Instant Messaging
Meeting Recorder Playback Only Playback Only
File Transfer  
Free Phone Calls
Connect to H323/SIP Endpoints    
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IOCOM provides options for VisiMeet users to connect to locally managed on-premise VisiMeet servers or alternately to IOCOM managed enterprise class cloud hosted servers. With an IOCOM Enterprise VisiMeet Network (EVN), all VisiMeet endpoints connect via a locally hosted server. VisiMeet server software runs on any standard Red Hat Linux system and costs significantly less to deploy and maintain than comparable MCU solutions. IOCOM also offers options for deploying and managing dedicated on-premise VisiMeet servers that are for exclusive use. Contact Sales to learn more.

Site License

An API can be applied to make student sign ups simple and more effective. Universities can use the API to automatically provide a VisiMeet account to every student who enrolls. Providing the account from the beginning means students are more apt to use VisiMeet and will understand how to use VisiMeet making it easier for professors to use VisiMeet in their lectures. Students will have the ability to communicate with one another via VisiMeet; discussing homework or group projects will be simpler. Applying VisiMeet’s Community feature will keep students in a course linked together, enabling them to communicate with ease. VisiMeet among students can create a support net, communication will be more fluid and students can easily turn to one another for assistance especially when they know all fellow students at the university are on VisiMeet.

IOCOM continues to change the way people communicate. IOCOM Edu is an affordable solution for an educational institution that works for all facets of the community. With a single site license, IOCOM VisiMeet software can be deployed to students, professors, administrative offices, conference rooms and classrooms. A VisiMeet site license is being offered at departmental, campus or institutional-wide levels with tiered pricing based on student enrollment and staff headcount.

Distance Learning

In the past, classes have been limited by the size of their room and location. These boundaries limit who can learn and what students can experience. With VisiMeet the classroom walls are removed and exploration is limitless. Students who cannot physically be in the classroom can be included in the class via VisiMeet. Video features allow students to see the teacher and the teacher to see the students; a pupil can raise his or her hand and the teacher can call on the student. Data sharing features allow the teacher to virtually pass out papers to students.

  • Create remote classes to accommodate more students — no limit to the number of attendees
  • Students who have difficulty traveling can learn from home and continue to participate
  • Provide access to programs that are not available everywhere
  • Request a Permanent Meeting Room
  • Create a Community for each class so students can easily collaborate



VisiMeet allows students to explore the world without leaving the classroom. Guest lecturers can visit the classroom without the need for travel and lodging expenses. Guest speakers offer unique insight and information that cannot be found in books. Universities often do not have the resources to invite speakers to their classrooms, VisiMeet is an affordable alternative.

Collaboration can also happen after class is over. Students can use VisiMeet to instant message one another or jump into a meeting. They can discuss assignments, group projects, or use VisiMeet for study groups. The contact list and use of communities ensures all students are connected and can collaborate from anywhere, any time.


Enhanced Classroom

VisiMeet is an affordable way to expand the classroom and increase learning initiatives. Using low cost software, non-proprietary equipment, and free versions for students and guests, VisiMeet is an affordable option for exploring the world beyond the classroom walls and reaching students who do not have the opportunity to participate in traditional classrooms.

  • Microscopes, telescopes, and multiple camera views can be shared with meeting participants, providing students outside the classroom the same experience as those within the room
  • Specialists can remotely join the discussion and add to the lesson
  • Electronic whiteboards and podiums can be shared through VisiMeet
  • Recorded classes assist students in studying allowing them to review the material again at a later date


VisiMeet was designed by researchers for researchers; while it has grown to suit the needs of a variety of industries, at its core VisiMeet is a collaboration and information sharing tool. VisiMeet is designed to incorporate a variety of resources into a meeting. When researchers collaborate, meetings are often multi-dimensional and include a variety of data sources from graphs and charts to telescope views. VisiMeet offers a variety of tools to facilitate open communication and the scalability and flexibility of VisiMeet renders few limitations.