Setting Up a Classroom

There are a number of ways you can set-up VisiMeet in your classroom. VisiMeet is fully scalable and as a result your needs dictate the hardware and arrangement you use. If you want to apply the most realistic experience possible or have a large auditorium, multiple cameras and microphones are ideal. You want to provide attendees with multiple camera views so they can better feel part of the class. Multiple microphones ensure that not only are you heard, but, anyone who speaks in the classroom is heard. This is important for instances when students in the classroom participate in a discussion or ask a question, the students on VisiMeet are able to hear. There are different levels of payment options and feature options ranging from free to a full telepresence experience. Students who do not need to see multiple video can participate using the free version allowing them to partake in one-on-one meetings. If you believe they would need to view video from multiple participants, there are a variety of options available.

The ideal arrangement in a large class involves multiple Pan, Tilt, Zoom (PTZ) cameras providing multiple room views.

  • One camera should be located in the back of the classroom facing the front giving a view of the back of the students but face the lecturer
  • Two or 3 cameras should be placed around the room giving different views
  • Students can control the cameras from VisiMeet and have the ability to adjust the angle and zoom in or out
  • Multiple microphones should be installed in the room or portable microphones should be attached to the professor and handed out to students when speaking

Smaller rooms will benefit from multiple microphones and cameras as well but can also handle fewer microphones and 1-2 cameras.

On the student’s side they only need a computer (Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, or Android), output audio device, input audio device, and a camera. Most of the required hardware is built into newer laptops. VisiMeet is non proprietary; we do not require specific brands or models.

Setting Up VisiMeet

Sign-up Link

IOCOM offers unique sign-up links that make organizing your classroom simpler and more efficient. By using a unique sign-up link students will create an account and automatically be added to the class community. It also helps IOCOM track the sign-ups in case of any questions. If a students contacts us looking for assistance with your class we can better answer their questions.

To learn more about the sign-up link click here

To request a sign-up link e-mail


Create a community for each class so students can easily connect with you and fellow students. Rather than adding each classmate individually, students can simply join a community and have presence with all members.

To learn more about communities click here

Permanent Meeting Rooms

Permanent Meeting Rooms are linked to communities. These rooms are always available, the meeting code never changes, and the settings remain the same. By using the permanent meeting room you do not need to manage scheduled meetings and students always know how to connect.

To learn more about Permanent Meeting Rooms click here

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Additional Information


VisiMeet does not require specific hardware models, you choose the hardware whether it be currently owned devices or built-in devices. If you would like recommendations regarding audio and video devices, displays, and set-up, contact

Getting Started

The following support guides will help get you started. For additional information visit the IOCOM Support page.

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