Born from the need for researchers to have visual communication at all times while spread across the globe, a team of research engineers developed a video conferencing solution that filled many of the holes that traditional conferencing services left behind. These users wanted a solution that mimicked real-life interaction – the ability to turn around and speak with a colleague despite being miles apart coupled with the ability to share multiple data sources – all while seeing and hearing as many participants simultaneously as necessary.

Fast forward to today and the original solution has evolved into what is now known as VisiMeet, IOCOM’s core offering. VisiMeet is a pure software-based visual collaboration platform that includes high quality performance for audio and video, robust feature options, customer driven tools, and accessible customer service for our cloud-based offering. 

VisiMeet is developed in-house from our headquarters based in Chicago, Illinois. VisiMeet is a software video collaboration solution stocked with the necessary tools to ensure meetings run smoothly and effectively. From the VisiMeet software, VisiMobile and VisiWeb have been developed for mobile and web browser use. With no hardware requirements, scalable technology, and unlimited participants, VisiMeet outperforms everything you have seen before.

For our OEM partners, we offer a robust SDK with multiple APIs to optimize their visual communication requirements. The VisiMeet platform can be customized to varying degrees to fit the needs of any organization. IOCOM’s API services eliminate the time and costs associated with developing a virtual collaboration product for internal and customer facing needs.


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