IOCOM Offers Integration of the Award Winning Visimeet into Third Party Applications

Chicago, IL, December 16, 2013: IOCOM, a leading worldwide provider of universal video conferencing solutions, announced a comprehensive solution enabling application providers, service providers and communications platforms the ability to integrate into its award winning Visimeet software platform. The new offering provides multiple, simple application programming interfaces (APIs) for integration from the technology side and teams it with IOCOM’s flexible and aggressive pricing partner model on the commercial side.

Tim Hackett, IOCOM CEO states “The Visimeet architecture is recognized by leading industry analysts as the ‘most flexible and configurable solution that delivers high-performance video’ and we’ve been seeing demand by companies looking to take advantage of these capabilities. This new offering can meet just about any business or technical requirement and we can now make this available to those who can use it. We want IOCOM to be the underlying solution that powers the growing number of applications that need high quality, interactive video capabilities.”

The Visimeet solution allows a company to elect to incorporate any feature or function of Visimeet into their product line as their own solution. A range of options from simple white labeling of the existing system to full integration into an application so that none of the Visimeet application is seen can be accomplished through some very easy to use APIs. This allows anyone the ability to integrate a very powerful video, audio, data, presence service that is highly reliable, scalable and robust, into their offerings.

Visimeet can be integrated into web services, applications or physical devices or any combination of all. Software is offered that can be run on Windows, Macintosh, Linux, Android, iOS as well as browser using WebRTC. All versions can also take advantage of the full suite of additional capabilities such as record and playback, IM, chat, legacy H.323/SIP videoconferencing, standard phone calling and others. The powerful capabilities of Visimeet give the developer of an application a palate of service to call on to meet any communication need.

Dan Marchetto, VP of Business Development feels “There is a definite need for a solution that offers easy integration of a powerful and reliable solution but also has a company that is easy to work with. IOCOM not only has great technology, but also offers the most flexible commercial options in the industry. We look at this as a partnership where the success of the application is the key element. To that end, we share in the risk with our partners and everything we can to make the solution the best it can be. Our partners have said that it seems like IOCOM is part of their development team rather than just a vendor.”

Working with a wide range of technology providers, IOCOM combines its leading technology solutions to meet industry-specific requirements. IOCOM is focused on tailoring solutions across a wide range of industries, including healthcare, financial services, energy and utility, retail, hospitality, education, manufacturing, transportation, distribution and the public sector.

Well known for the intuitive user interface, Visimeet keeps people connected through video, audio, and data conferencing and gives users the ability to collaborate, transfer files, and share and view data in real time. Its solutions can connect with different and unlimited endpoints simultaneously, including room systems, desktop PCs, MAC’s, notebooks, and mobile devices as well as telephone and H.323/SIP connections.


Founded in 1998, IOCOM develops, markets, and supports video conferencing and collaboration software and solutions that enable multi-point communication for telehealth processes. IOCOM delivers innovative solutions that enable multiple groups or individuals to instantly collaborate anytime and anywhere over their chosen medium. IOCOM is the first collaboration software company to integrate high performance multiple data and video windows with high performance audio. To learn more,


Dan Marchetto